Victoria Beckham Nip Slip

Monday, September 18, 2006

Every once and a while a mediocre chick decides to let her boob hang out to take back some attention that hotter girls get without doing that. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against girls showing me their boobs, actually I encourage it, but there's something strange about this. After discussing the possible solutions with many smart scientists who wear glasses, I figured it out.

The truth is I've looked at plenty of naked Barbie dolls, and they're no different than Victoria Beckham. Sure, her body is near perfection, but I'm pretty sure that her vagina is just like Barbie's. It's just a skin colored outline of underwear with no hole to stick your penis is. And it says "made in Taiwan" on her ass.

The first picture down there is the full nipple slip, and obviously NSFW.

Posted by Unknown at 9/18/2006  

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