Lindsay Lohan Is Kind Of Single

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton broke up Thursday night, but some say they are speaking again. Basically, everyone is saying something different.

Lohan's rep claims: "They are together now." But a source tells People magazine:"Harry broke up with Lindsay yesterday at Chateau Marmont after they had dinner on the courtyard patio. Nothing happened at dinner, but shortly afterward, he broke up with her. She was too much drama,Lindsay did cut down on the partying, but with her it's all relative. Harry is sober. It wasn't the partying that broke them up. Harry's more low-key and not into the same stuff she's into." However, Lohan's friend says: "No one 'dumped' anyone. You don't dump people when you're 20 and 25. You have a mature relationship, and you take a break and you see what happens. Everyone does that."

The reason I never get dumped is because I have the old fashioned charm of a southern gentlemen, and I'm a Kung Fu champion. I can even punch through a piece of wood. With my hand! Anyways, Lindsay is pretty much fair game at this point. If nobody can agree on anything, she's Ms. Rebound.


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