Lindsay Lohan Fell Down

Monday, September 18, 2006

Lindsay Lohan fractured her wrist after falling at a Fashion Week party in New York. Lindsay's publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, claims that it was Milk Studio's fault, and not Lindsay's.

Sloane added that "there's a pending investigation" into the accident, after Lohan claimed Milk Studios didn't take proper measures to prevent her from falling.

I'll usually take any girl's side that I want to have sex with, but I don't know why you really need an "investigation." Let's investigate why Lindsay spends more time at the hospital than a 87 year old paralegic, HIV patient. Every time she falls down she breaks a bone, it's really unbelievable. My bones never break, I drink milk, baby.


Posted by Unknown at 9/18/2006  

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