Kristin Cavallari Is Maybe On Myspace

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I've waited two days to post about this because I'm waiting for Kristin's people to come out and say whether or not this is a fake myspace. A bunch of sites are taking it as fact right now, mostly because of the hot and slutty candid pictures that are up. If I ever get married, I'd cheat on my wife with Kristin Cavallari without thinking twice. Even if she was in the same room with me, I'd take off my ring and throw it at my wife's face, than punch her in the stomach. You can see her myspace here, which has a bunch of different pictures and other shit. I already left her a comment, so I'm hoping she'll leave me one on my page since I'm a sexy hunk.

Posted by Unknown at 9/21/2006  

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