Patrick Swayze Is The Voice Of Reason

Monday, August 07, 2006

Patrick Swayze has come to the side of Mel Gibson by claiming he should be allowed to have "a stupid moment." Swayze has defended Gibson following his recent DUI, during which he made derogatory remarks about Jews.

Swayze said:"I feel really bad for Mel. People say stupid things when they happen to have a few. Hands deserved to be slapped if you do something stupid, but don't take it too far."

I hate Patrick Swayze just as much as any alpha male does, but this might be the smartest thing he's ever said. While losers like Rob Schneider are taking out full page ads in Variety magazine, Patrick doesn't give a shit. And why should anybody. I'm lucky when I end up in the state I started drinking in, nevermind making racial slurs. I'm pretty sure I once rented out a billboard in Manhattan that said Indian people smell like curry chicken. Even after a bath in acid.


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