Mel Gibson Was Completely Smashed

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

These are pictures from the night of Mel Gibson's DUI arrest. He was hanging out with fans at Moonshadows restaurant, a popular celeb spot in LA. Witnesses claim Gibson admitted that he had been drinking bottles of wine at a dinner party earlier, then talked with fans about anything they wanted.

A witness claims: "Mel had bloodshot eyes and looked drunk. He was slurring his words. We all offered him rides, and he shrugged it off."

If you need any more evidence about how drunk Mel Gibson was that night, these pictures will do it for you. When I get that drunk I end up telling people I have the ability to breathe under water and I claim that I invented sneakers. I'm not sure if people believe me, but I'm also not sure how I woke up naked on the side walk using urine covered tacos as a pillow.

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