Mel Gibson Is Clever

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It seems like Mel Gibson used his ninja like skills on the night of his DUI, but he didn't use them to rescue a family of immigrants, he used them to sneak vodka around in a water bottle. Yes, he's very tricky

An eye witness now says: "Mel grabbed a bottle of vodka from behind the bar, poured himself a drink - and filled an empty water bottle with the clear booze. Then he started sipping out the water bottle. Everyone thought it was just water. It was straight vodka!"

Well, I assumed Mel was drinking something like moonshine or windshield fluid when all those pictures leaked yesterday, because he was completely shit faced. A water bottle of vodka will do the trick, though. The last time I was that sneaky was when I convinced that evil wizard to make me an invisible cloak. Oh you should have seen the fun I had. Visits to the Girlss locker room, and masturbating right inside someone's bedroom. They can't even see you. At all. Oh, and murdering those dumb whores that have cheated on me in the past. It was great.


Posted by Unknown at 8/03/2006  

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