Matt And Lance Are Banging Skanks

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong - who are basically best friends and workout buddies - partied hard in Miami Beach last week. They were traveling from club to club with what witnesses say were "a group of really skanky women."

Another witness claims it was Armstrong's partying with Matt that led to his split with Sheryl Crow: "He's not the prince on the yellow bike that he tries to portray himself as."

When Matt and Lance hear I'm going to be at the same club as them, they usually change their plans. They ladies find it hard enough to handle my sexiness, and those two don't want to compete with me. Once the milkshake song comes on, it only takes about an hour before I'm running around the club with my underwear on my head and a tube sock on my penis.


Posted by Unknown at 8/15/2006  

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