Jessica Simpson Loves Her Boobs

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jessica Simpson has decided that she will be launching a line of sexy lingerie for women. Simpson came up with the idea while she was shopping for a bra and panties.

A friend said:"Jess finds it really hard to find bras that she likes so she's decided to make her own." Jessica continued with: "I have amazing boobs. They're just perfect. At school, my boobs were bigger than all my friends and I was afraid to show them. Now, I feel they make my outfits look better. They're like an accessory."

In Europe they call me" Dublad Uope," which basically translates to "breast tester and lingerie expert." It's what I do, and when I'm in Paris the ladies run to me for advice. I've never had time to open a office, but I never hesitate to have a sexy lingerie model come into my car and let me feel her breasts. Most women don't ask me if their breasts feel too big, it usually comes down to the texture of their skin. It's a hard life I live.


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