Jen And Vince Are Not Engaged

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Despite what you may have heard, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are not engaged. Aniston's people says Us Weekly was wrong when they claimed Vince proposed with "a ring bigger than Brad's."

Aniston's spokesman Stephen Huvane claims:"They are not engaged. The Us story is a complete fabrication. She has no ring, there was no proposal and they are not engaged. I could not be more clear about this."

Jen is going to be pretty upset when she realizes Vince just took advantage of an easy rebound bang, but it's the truth. I usually won't even waste my time talking to a girl unless I know she just broke up with her boyfriend, or better yet, just left her husband. That's when girls are the most desperate, and you can easily convince them to have sex in the wheel barrel position. They will even walk around your house doing a naked, backwards crabwalk. How do you do that Cindy?

Stuff Just Added: It looks like Us weekly has responded by saying they are still engaged regardless of her denying it. I really don't care either way.


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