Jamie Lynn Spears Has Mouth Herpes

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I've never personally had herpes, but I've got blow jobs from many upstanding young ladies that probably had hepatitis, AIDS, the plague, the black death, typhoid mary, genital warts, and probably herpes. So I'm not opposed to speculating a bloody welt on someone's face is probably herpes, or an AIDS lesion. Either way it would be safe to not have unprotected sex with Britney's little sister.

I'm pretty sure that young people are suppose to have a fast metabolism, so I'm shocked that she is gaining weight like her extremely obese sister. If people weren't so judgemental about young women purging, we would probably have some fine looking ladies walking around.

BTW: These pics below are really HQ. I'm confident you'll see the bloody mess on her lip.

Posted by Unknown at 8/01/2006  

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