Uma Thurman Wants A Boy Toy

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Uma Thurman has revealed she really wants to have a boy toy to bang retarded whenever she feels the need. Uma has claimed she likes older guys, but now she wants a booty call.

She said: "I know women who like to have boy toys - and actually I could grow into that. There are different kinds of men. Some feel very emasculated around a woman that is too fully formed and some don't.

Any girl that wants to be disrespected like Uma Thurman is fine by me. I'm not happy unless a girl lets me urinate on her face while she's tied up in my sexual wheel chamber. When a girl is done having sex with me she usually looks like she went 10 rounds with Tyson. Back when Tyson could fight. When it's all said and done I usually make them sleep in their car if they're too drunk to drive home.


Posted by Unknown at 7/27/2006  

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