Nick Lachey Is Tuff As Nails

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

F. First is reporting that Nick Lachey cries uncontrollably at chick-flicks. Lachey, who's life ended when he got divorced from Jessica Simpson, has revealed he is not embarrassed to cry because his father taught him not to be afraid to show his emotions.

He said: "If a movie makes me cry I love that. Love Actually wrecks me every time. I wouldn't go and see Love Actually with my friends though. I can't imagine breaking down and crying in front of guys. There is a limit." He added about sports: "I cry at sports if something really positive or really negative happens. A horse broke down in a race a couple of weeks ago and I got emotional about that."

I'm a sensitive guy, so I'm not usually one to call someone a sissy, but this is ridiculous. In a book written by gay people for gay people, it clearly states that men who like Love Actually are gay. I'm not saying I have anything against gay people, but if I were given the choice between having a cock in my ass or raping a 12 year old Japanese girl, I'd bring a bowl of rice and bang that Japanese girl until her eyes were round. And I'm tuff, I know what being a man is all about. I sleep with poisonous scorpions on my cement bed.

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