Natalie Portman Will Not Be Naked

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Despite rumors sweeping the internet that Natalie Portman will strip down in her new movie, Goyas Ghosts, has confirmed this is a lie. Last night her agent set the record straight on Access Hollywood.

The site had this to say: "Last night on Access Hollywood, Natalie's agent put an end to the Nat nude in Goyas Ghosts rumor. The character will be naked but a body double was used."

I could really careless either way. I think everyone knows I've never been impressed with Natalie, mainly for reasons like this. She never takes her clothes off. A good rule of thumb my father taught me was, "If a girl doesn't have sex with you, call her a whore and kick out her teeth." You think these steel toe boots are for fighting crime and working construction? Not likely my friend.

Posted by Unknown at 7/12/2006  

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