Natalie Portman Is Getting Naked

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

F.F. has confirmed that Natalie Portman appears nude in her upcoming movie. Portman will be seen completely naked during torture scenes in the upcoming historical drama Goya's Ghosts, which focuses on revered artist Francisco Goya. She almost got naked once, but the scenes were cut out.

The report continues with: "She previously exposed her body in the complex romantic drama 'Closer', which also starred Jude Law, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, but the explicit scenes were eventually cut. "

I never saw what the big deal with Natalie Portman was, but plenty of people are obsessed with her. I hate the fact that any girl who doesn't look like a crack whore is instantly considered "stunning beautiful." If a girl isn't a slut it doesn't make her stunning, she probably doesn't have any goods to show off. Since I expect the girls to do it, I always do it too. I'm usually photographed on my private beach in a speedo during the winter months of the northeast.

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