Kevin Federline Gets Paid To Show Up

Friday, July 14, 2006

MSNBC is reporting that K-fed has been earning extra money by charging to show up at parties; his fee for a cameo, is the sum of $20,000. Britney is apparently thrilled because he actually has an income.

The report goes on to say: "In fact, Federline has supposedly earned $700,000 in the last four months. Among K-Fed’s other paying gigs, according to ITW: an estimated $250,000 for endorsing clothing line Blue Marlin and $25,000 per day to hawk such products as Virgin Mobile cell phones, where he made his infamous plea to save the penny. He’s negotiating to sign a deal with Jive Records, which happens to be Spears’ label, for $300,000 per album, and he also hopes to bring out his own line of jeans and beach jewelry."

It amazes me that douche bags like federfag can make a living showing up to places. Usually when there's a party I have to sneak in through a second floor window 007 style, and hope to not get kicked out. Other times I seduce a young co-ed. How do I seduce them? That's simple. I just pull out my penis and start spinning it around like a windmill. The ladies love it.

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