Jack Black Doesn't Wake And Bake

Monday, July 17, 2006

F. First is reporting that Jack Black has confessed he went on a blacked out partying binge while filming King Kong. Black now admits he has calmed down since he had his child.

Black told Britain's Independent newspaper: "I'm not one of those dudes who comes to the set drunk. But I had a bit of a lost weekend while we were doing King Kong. I did some ecstasy and I went on a crazy rampage, running around, drinking and smoking like a chimney. But I seriously don't party as much as people might imagine. I'm not a wake-and-baker."

I've had some wild weekends in my past too. Sure, my past means last weekend, but it's still the past. I don't know why everyone's making a big deal out of me stopping those bank robbers and saving all the hostages. It's not the same as taking ecstasy like Jack does, but you should have seen the robbers' faces when I road in through the front door on a horse covered in war paint. The robbers tried to shoot at me with machine guns, but my magic horse - who I like to call Israel - dodged all the bullets. Then I shot them all down with my bow and arrows, which I made while training on the eastern slopes of the Himalaya mountains. Ironically, that's the same place I was trained by the great wizard Pumpledickle.

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