Ashlee Simpson Is A Liar

Monday, July 03, 2006

Regardless of what you may be reading on other gossip sites, Playboy reps are reporting that Ashlee Simpson was never offered $4 million dollars to pose nude for the magazine. A Playboy rep released a statement denying that the rumors had any truth. They would not confirm or deny if an offer was actually made, but $4 million is outragous.

A rep for Playboy retorted: “We don’t comment on who we do and don’t make offers on, but I can tell you that we don’t make 4 million dollar offers to anyone.”

I don't think I would offer Ashlee Simpson a job opening for karaoke night at the town fair, much less 4 million to show her two mosquito bites. The only way Ashlee can ever get 4 million from Playboy would be if the cover said "Ashlee" followed by "orgasms as she cuts the throat of a mule." And I didn't mean 4 million, I meant it would be one of those deals you always get in middle school. Hugh would just hold out his two hands and sa, " do you want what's in the left hand, or the right hand."

Posted by Unknown at 7/03/2006  

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