Nick Lachey Might Be Gay

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Superior Gossip is saying that Nick Lachey was promoting his new album when he was approached by a gay fan. The fan toldNick how he had a crush on him, and then proceeded to ask Nick if he was gay.

Lachey responded with:"I was asked if I'd ever consider playing for the other team, which was a Ooh, I'm not expecting that one. I answered it, While I respect the other team and recognize that there is another team and they too play ball, I am not interested in playing for the other team"

There's a lot of things I don't understand that I lie about, but I'm not going to read that quote one more time and try to understand what it means. I'm just going to assume it says Nick is gay. I don't know how many teams their are, but I'm pretty sure Nick plays for all of them. Regardless, I have to get back to my Pogs tournament that I'm hosting in my parents basement, so I'm cutting this post short. Nobody can handle the Ultimate Voltron Pog, baby. Nobody.

Posted by Unknown at 6/13/2006  
Anonymous said...

ooh I hope he is gay! He's so hot, it would make complete sense..

5:18 AM  

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