Matt Damon Is A Nerd

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Insider is reporting that Matt Damon is the front-runner to play Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek prequel. Word around town is that J.J. Abrams- who is directing and producing the movie- is very interested in casting the Oscar-winning Damon. Most rumors say that the new movie would center on Kirk and Spock's early days at a space academy. He's so interested that he's already sought support from the original Kirk, William Shatner.

The source claims:"Shatner gave his blessing, J.J. got his approval and wants Damon as Capt. Kirk. He really loves the idea."

I don't watch Star Trek for the same reasons I don't have limited edition action figures above my bed, play Warcraft, or go to Star Wars conventions dressed up as a Storm Trooper; it just doesn't turn on the ladies. Now I know there are probably some girls out their that hate me, but I would bet my penis on the fact that all those girls believe in Wicca and hang out in cemeteries playing with a Ouija Board.

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