Lindsay Lohan Will Not Be Insulted By Fat People

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Daily Dish is saying that Lindsay Lohan isn't satisfied with the written apology Brandon Davis issued a week after he crudely ripped her apart on camera with Paris Hilton. Among other things, he called her fire crotch 57 times outside an L.A. club.

It goes on to say: "Lohan's lawyers have now sent the oil heir a letter warning that the actress may sue him if he doesn't make a $250,000 charitable donation and release a videotaped apology to TV"

I usually wouldn't post twice about Lohan in a day, but when it's this important, I'll make an exception. If I ever saw Brandon Davis I would probably rip out his spine sub-zero style. After that, me and Lindsay would ride around in our magical kingdom on blue unicorns that speak Latin.

BTW: Brandon has been attacked by Lindsay fans for his comments, here is a video of one fan making him cry. The quality is poor, but it's the best video on the net right now. You notice how I said "net"? It's a new slang term that means "internet", maybe you heard of it. beeyotch

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Anonymous said...

considering he thought 7 million was such a small amoutn of money maybe he should be donating that much.

9:21 PM  

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