Lindsay Lohan Does Not Bang Drummers

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Post Chronicle is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has fired back at the claims Harry Judd made about having sex with her. Judd, of the group McFly, said that the messed around with Lohan while filming Just My Luck.

Judd originally claimed: "She said, Kiss me. I was really nervous, I can tell you, because she's so super successful and talented. I thought, This is awesome, Then she invited me back to her hotel, I left at eight the next morning."

Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane, commented. "He's using these lies for publicity ... it's convenient how he's making up these stories when he has an album coming out."

We all know Lindsay is a tubo skank, but I'm going to believe she never had sex with him. Since I'm a sexy detective for the state police, I have done a little investigating. Judd claims she's "super successful." That's it. The only people that say "super successful" are the same people that show up at gay pride parades, or those other people who pretend to be BI because it's trendy. But we all know they have Johnny Depp posters all over their room and not Kate Bosworth.

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