Kate Moss Doesn't Care

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

That seductress Nosy Snoop is saying Kate Moss can't slow down her partying. Kate was suppose to put in a huge effort this weekend to try and clean up her image and prove that she really is a responsible mother, but that didn't happen.

NS claims: "Kate partied it up at the Isle of Wright Festival, where she got beyond drunk, and then threw up in front of everyone. Kate spent the weekend hanging out with the band Primal Scream and downing a lot of 35% proof Jagermeister. She apparently didn't care who saw her, and after getting sick just continued drinking into the night."

I do respect Kate for puking in front of everyone, but my parties are always a little different. They usually involve me chasing butterflies through a field with my Slappy Roger's Insect Catching Net. When I've caught my fair share of Monarchs for the day, I let them go, and move on to the next task. What is the next task? Watching Lucas, Obviously. It's about falling in love...for the first time.

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