Jenny McCarthy Is Banging Jim Carrey

Thursday, June 01, 2006

IMDB is saying that Jenny McCarthy was acting very sketchy and dodged questions yesterday when she was asked about her new relationship with comedian Jim Carrey.

While appearing on the talk show The View, she responded to the rumors of them dating with a: "No comment."The View co-hosts Star Jones and Joy Behar asked McCarthy if she could confirm that she was dating "a well-known comedian who makes funny faces who is not Jerry Lewis." McCarthy deferred and said people who were interested in who she is dating could "look it up online," hastily adding, "Let's move on to the next topic."

Jim Carrey is obviously trying to do everything cool from the early 90's, because Jenny is far from something special today. I'm pretty sure I've had high priced hookers that looked better than Jenny, and if not them, definitely a few cashiers at wallmart. Even Jim likes to go slumming in the trailer parks sometimes. I guess.

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