Eva Longoria Has A Hard Life

Monday, June 19, 2006

The always factual N.E. is reporting that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria flipped out when she was sold a faulty box of zip lock bags.

Eva yelled: "I got a bag of ziplocks, used one for something, and the zipper broke. Then two days later, I used another one, and the zipper broke again! So I was, like, I got a faulty box of ziplocks! I was so upset. I phoned the number on the box... and my assistant was, like, Oh, just go buy another box! But I was, like, NO! This is really upsetting. People put trust in this. I demanded a free box, and they sent me a bag of FIVE!"

Now I know there's going to be people that say, "she has way too much time on her hands." Well, did people say that about Hitler when he packed the Jews in gas chambers like stuffing a box of Fig Newtons? I don't think so. Regardless, some of these celebrities are really rolling high class with their zip lock bags and napkins. I'm lucky if I have a clean spot on one my socks to masturbate into.

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