Brad Pitt Makes America Great

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

MSNBC has confirmed that Brad Pitt was named one of 15 People Who Make America Great by Newsweek magazine. They cited him for numerous aid work, as well as giving to other charities. They were especially impressed with him shining the light on many of the neglected causes in Africa.

Pitt told the magazine: "He figured if the cameras were going to follow him and girlfriend Angelina Jolie everywhere, they might as well lure them somewhere that needed the world’s attention."

I'm usually considered a boy scout with undeniable moral fiber, so I understand what the back bone of America really is. I'm not so sure Brad has the same resume as me- which mostly consists of rescuing babies from kidnappers and stopping underground jewel theives-so I'm shocked that I didn't make the list. I can't believe the mayor of Honesty Island didn't make a phone call and recommend someone like me, who has tremendous resolve.

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