Kate Hudson Quitting Acting To Make Lotion

Monday, November 28, 2005

I normally wouldn't waste my time posting about a C-Rated actress that wants to quit, but the reason is ridiculous. Kate Hudson wants to leave her mediocre career to make handmade lotions. No shit, here's the quote, which comes from Pedia:

"Every day I tell my husband, maybe we should cash in. I'll make handmade lotions and you can write music and sell it on the Internet'."

That just sounds like a great plan Kate. Kate Hudson's only real claim to fame is that Goldi Hawn is her mother, and trust me, that's nothing to be proud of. The only thing I like about Kate Hudson is the fact that she has some killer legs. Everytime I start thinking about how Kate sucks bad enough at acting that she would consider quitting to make lotions, I just look at these pictures. I see those legs and think to myself "You still are a terrible actress, Kate" but you do have some nice legs. Well, nice for the daughter of Goldi Hawn.

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