At 41 Tia Carrere Still Gives Me Wood

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here's a set of photos of Tia Carrere showing some skin as she loads her shopping into her car.

Now I know there's nothing great or spectacular about these pictures, there doesn't need to be when you have a woman like Tia Carrere in the shot.

You see Tia is a 41 year woman who gives the DarkHat automatic wood. It's rare for older women to give me a rush of blood to the love sausage but Tia certainly doesn't fail in that department. In fact she doesn't fail in any department.

I really need to hook up with this woman and fill her full of protein.

Posted by DarkHat II at 6/11/2008  
Anonymous said...

she's been surfing here in Malibu, seen her out there a lot, she looks stupendously hot. howe come hollywood has not hired her for more films? man, even at her worst she is shwingin' hot!!!!

1:58 PM  

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