Winners From The 2008 Brit Awards

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So the annual British music awards, The Brits, took place last night and was broadcast live on national tv here in the UK.

In the past this event has spawned some really good musical collaborations such as Kylie vs New Order, Texas and Wu Tang Clan plus Tom Jones with The Stereophonics. It's also had it's funny moments thanks to the aweful choice of presenters, Mick Fleetwood & Sam Fox being the most memorable blunder.

In recent years the event itself as a tv spectacle has went downhill. Last night we had the ever so annoying Fern Cotton doing the backstage presenting and the entire Osbourne family announcing the main show.

All the hype was about Amy "I'm a junkie" Winehouse making an appearance. Oh please, send her to a far away place with a big bag of whatever she wants and let her die quietly.

Today I'm reading quotes of "her performance was faultless" & "Amy blasted the Brits awards show apart" - WTF!!!! These are the most overexaggerated reviews I've heard in years, it's hype, all of it. She performed the hit Valerie with Mark Ronson and I'd describe her performance as 'shockingly bad'. She sang as if her earpiece was in delay, the performance by Winehouse was pathetic. Her ever growing media fan club needs their hearing testing or their heads checked if they believe this was fantastic.

Forget the junkies of this world and giving them so much undesrved media exposure.

Let's talk about the people with talent who manage to live drug free such as the best performer by far at last night's Brit Awards - Leona Lewis, now we're talking talent, unjunked talent - but the bloggers and tabloids don't want talent and clean living do they?

Here is Leona performing her #1 single 'Bleeding Love', now this is talent.

Here is a full rundown of who won what.

Best British male
Winner: Mark Ronson
Also nominated: Jamie T, Mika, Newton Faulkner, Richard Hawley

Best British female
Winner: Kate Nash
Also nominated: Bat For Lashes, KT Tunstall, Leona Lewis, PJ Harvey

Best British album
Winner: Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
Also nominated: Leona Lewis - Spirit, Mark Ronson - Version, Mika - Life In Cartoon Motion, Take That - Beautiful World

Best British group
Winner: Arctic Monkeys
Also nominated: Editors, Girls Aloud, Kaiser Chiefs, Take That

Best British breakthrough act
Winner: Mika
Also nominated: Bat For Lashes, Kate Nash, Klaxons, Leona Lewis(Winner chosen by BBC Radio 1 listeners)

Best British live act
Winner: Take That
Also nominated: Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Klaxons, Muse
(Winner chosen by BBC Radio 2 listeners)

British single
Winner: Take That - Shine
Also nominated: Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love, Mika - Grace Kelly, Mark Ronson Ft Amy Winehouse - Valerie, The Hoosiers - Worried About Ray
(Winner chosen by a live public vote on the night)

International male solo artist
Winner: Kanye West
Also nominated: Bruce Springsteen, Michael Buble, Rufus Wainwright, Timbaland

International female solo artist
Winner: Kylie Minogue
Also nominated: Alicia Keys, Bjork, Feist, Rihanna

International group
Winners: Foo Fighters
Also nominated: Arcade Fire, Eagles, Kings of Leon, White Stripes

International album
Winner: Foo Fighters - Echoes
Also nominated: Arcade Fire - Neon Bible, Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden, Silence, Patience & Grace, Kings of Leon - Because Of The Times, Kylie Minogue - X

Critics’ Choice Award: Adele

Outstanding contribution to music: Sir Paul McCartney

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