Time To Pay Up McCartney

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tight fisted Paul McCartney is still bitching about how much to pay off his ex wife. Why would you bother if you had as much cash under the bed as he has? Would you not just pay up and draw a line under the whole mess?

In court no comprimise was reached after more than a week of haggling and now it's up to some old Judge to come up with the payoff.

I hope the Judge nails McCartney's ass and tells him he's to hand over way more than Heather Mills wanted which was reported at about £60m. Then we'll see him sulk and that would make my day.

DarkHat Message To McCartney: Pay up and shut up misery guts and get to hell out of the papers and off the gossip blogs, I can't stand looking at your ugly, miserable old mug any longer.

PS When are you retiring?

Posted by DarkHat II at 2/18/2008  
Anonymous said...

this website used to be funny... now not so much

10:36 PM  
DarkHat II said...

and your point is caller????

8:26 PM  

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