David Beckham Is A Brazilian Beach Bum

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I decided that because I spout about women all week long that I should make Sunday's post a little different.

So from now on Sunday's are for the ladies who read this blog - and I know they do because I get sooo many emails telling me I'm a horrible sexist pig. Keep them coming as I get such a laugh reading them!!!

Now, to the point. Here's a video of David Beckham topless and playing foorball on a Brazilian beach for a photoshoot, and I guess looking......good??!!?

Any ladies out there want to write my Sunday posts? I'm feeling uncomfortable already trying to describe a man. Please, email me quick and volunteer your services (writing only), I promise not to ask what colour panties your wearing everyday.


Posted by DarkHat II at 2/03/2008  
Anonymous said...

hi. my panties are white and lacy with pink ribbon. (just incase you really wanted to know).

And yes!! Been a woman I can definately vouch for the fact that David Beckham is looking REALLY good!!

4:27 PM  

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