Would You Cheat On Cheryl Tweedy With This Tart?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Footballer Ashley Cole and his sexy pop star wife Cheryl Tweedy seemed to be the perfect couple.

Young, sexy and rich. Life's a blast!!! That's what you'd think, isn't it?

Well that's how it was until yesterday when it was revealed that Ashley couldn't keep his zip up and he'd sampled a bit of fresh crumpet; there is nothing wrong with sampling new fanjita as long as the slapper you've pumped keeps her mouth shut.

Well that didn't happen, 22 year old hairdresser Aimee Walton, above, sold her story of how she romped with Ashley to Britains biggest selling tabloid. Oh oh! Ashley, we have a problem. Your drop dead gorgeous wife, Cheryl, is going to find out.

The £5m One Night Stand

SOBBING Cheryl Cole was “inconsolable” yesterday after discovering love rat hubby Ashley had humiliated her by sleeping with a hairdresser.

Pop star Cheryl, 24, vowed never to forgive the England footballer after hearing about his seedy sex session.

In her rage, she ordered him to pack his bags, saying: “Get out. It’s over - you’ve ruined it all.”

Cole was also in tears as he confessed to sleeping with pretty blonde Aimee Walton, and begged for forgiveness.

The Sun told yesterday how Cole made the absurd suggestion that Cheryl did not mind him sleeping around as long as it stayed secret.

Cheryl has agreed to hold crisis talks with her husband in a bid to save the marriage.

But if that fails, Cole’s one-night stand could end up costing him a staggering £5MILLION.

If cheated Cheryl decides on a divorce, she is likely to get half of Cole’s £10million fortune.

Judges could even award Cheryl part of her husband’s £4.5million-a-year wages - as happened when former Arsenal ace Ray Parlour was divorced by his wife. via

So is it all over for Ashley and Cheryl? I hope so becuase she had a bit of a girly-girly thing going on with her hot band mate Kimberley Walsh. The photo below wasn't the only time this pair were captured smacking lips.

Posted by DarkHat II at 1/26/2008  
Anonymous said...

How can this lucky man be so stupid? He has the best-looking girl in this world as his wife. I am absolutely unsymphathetic with him, that incident must be penalised. I would agree if heartbroken Cheryl leaves him. If I were her I wouldn't know if I could trust him anymore. BTW I think the Cheryl-Kimberley-kissing pictures are taken just for fun, just to have something for those papparazzi..

4:47 AM  
Mariano said...

I'm agree! it's madness!!!
how in the name of god can you cheat on Cheryl !!! For God sake!! he's out of his mind! Not only cause' the beuty of Cheryl, but for she's a great person.

6:26 PM  

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