Sting sucks Trudie's Toes - In Public

Thursday, January 03, 2008

So we've all read, see on TV and fell asleep hearing how Sting can bang for 2 weeks non-stop. Yeah right!!! Whatever, you say dude, we'll believe you...........

Anyway here is sex machine Sting getting kinky with his wife Trudie on a yacht in Sydney harbour, yeah he had to let all of Australia know he is a devil in the bedroom by sucking on his ugly wife's toes. That's sick.

Why would you want to do this in public? Why would you want to do it with an old hag like her? If he was such a 'Sex God' he could have dumped this old frump years ago and been servicing something a whole lot younger and fitter.

This guy is full of sh*t if you ask me...........

Posted by DarkHat II at 1/03/2008  

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