Nigella Lawson Is A Scrooge But She Can Still Suck

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So nasty Nigella isn't giving any of her hard earned to her kids, who the hell cares? Have you seen how good this woman can suck? Her cookery shows should be classed as soft porn with her antics but do you see me complaining? No chance.

Nigella can be as tight with her cash all she wants because I'd let her suck me for free ;-)

Nigella Lawson said that when she dies she won't leave her kids a penny! Cheap ass. Nigella and her husband, Charles Saatchi, have a combined fortune of over $200 million. Her husband has his own ad agency and his art collection alone is said to be worth a fortune. Nigella has 2 kids from a previous marriage and Charles has 1 daughter from a previous marriage.

via Dlisted

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