I'm Sick Of Boring Britney Stories

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I wish Britney would just disappear, I'm sick to death of seeing her face (and knickers) all over the net, tv and press. Britney, please do us all a favour and take a hike.

Hollywood.TV confirms that around 11:30 Wednesday night, four paparazzi who were allegedly chasing BRITNEY SPEARS were pulled over and arrested for reckless driving, according to the LAPD. The four men were booked at Van Nuys jail and have a $5,000 bond. Britney was also pulled over, but just for questioning.

Meanwhile, the singer spent the night driving all over Los Angeles, first having dinner with new boyfriend ADNAN GHALIB at the Gaucho Grill, the same spot they went to Monday after cruising by the courthouse.

After being questioned by police, she drove to a supermarket and later -- at nearly 2 a.m. -- she shopped at popular star boutique Kitson. The outing finally came to an end when Britney returned home at about 3:30 a.m

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