10 Quickies: Owen, Danny, Eva & Heidi

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ten quickies that I read this morning............

Heidi Klum: Damn this woman is still hot - BBI

Danny Glover Convicted of Trespassing - Celebrity Mound

Eva Longoria: Pregnant or not? - Celebsnow

Vanessa Lorenzo in Spanish GQ - The Grumpiest

Jessica Simpson didn’t get dumped - Derek Hail

Ultimate Warrior: Hulk Should Do Himself In - TMZ

Owen Wilson's Bong - City Rag

Jamie Lynn Spears Giving Baby to Mom. 3rd Time Is A Charm. - Tasty Booze

Check Out Gemma Atkinsons Big Cleavage - Celeb Pixx

Miss America Swimsuit Competition - Hollywood Tuna

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