Tom Cruise is a nut job

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In a move that will make him shockingly more crazy, Tom Cruise is planning to build a huge underground bunker at his Telluride, Colorado estate. Obviously it's to stay safe when the galactic ruler Xenu returns. Obviously. It will have enough food and equipment for 10 people to last a couple of years. Whoa. Normal.

Star and Celebitchy report: Devout Scientologist Tom Cruise plans to build a $10 million bunker under his Telluride, Colorado, mansion, a source tells Star! Equipped with a high tech air-purifying system, “it’s a self-contained underground system where up to 10 people can survice for years.” Apparently, Scientologists believe that the evil deposed galatic [sic] ruler Xenu is set to attack Earth, and they’ll need a safe place to survive.

All of this is really pretty normal. I remember I once built a tree house to stop the evil land gnomes from eating my soul. You see, they can only attack at night, and they can only stay on the ground. They aren't allowed to climb. It makes perfect sense.

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