Lindsay Lohan ruins everything

Monday, September 24, 2007

Obviously rehab won't even stop this turbo slut from having sex. It now seems the rumor that she's been banging Tony Allen is true, because his wife is filing for divorced based on Lindsay blowing him in the treatment center.

Sources confirm: Lindsay Lohan stands accused of destroying the marriage of a rock star she was reported to have romanced in rehab. Lohan was linked with Dead Stays Alive frontman Tony Allen earlier this month after they were both patients at the Cirque Lodge Clinic in Utah. Now Allen's wife Stephanie has filed for divorce, citing reports of his infidelity with Lohan. Court documents, obtained by British newspaper News of the World, claim Allen's "habitual drug use" and "conduct and relationship with another woman" were to blame for the split. The 52-page document includes press cuttings of the reports of his fling with Lohan. Stephanie Allen is quoted saying, "After my husband's return from rehabilitation I was bombarded with calls alerting me to the fact that my husband's conduct with another woman was on the internet and in gossip magazines."

I don't even know why this needs to be reported. You could stick Lindsay in a room with 7 guys - and after 30 minutes - she would have blew them all. One cock isn't enough for some girls. Unless it's mine.

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