50 Cent is losing

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It seems like Kanye West is winning the album battle against 50 Cent. 50 promised if he didn't outsell Kanye, he would quit the music business. Well, it looks like that time is coming. Both albums were released yesterday and so far Kanye is up by 200,000 copies.

The New York Post reports: Kanye is so secure that he's backing out of promo appearances for his album. Kanye was a no show for a "Today" concert as well as TRL and Letterman appearances. A source said, "Kanye knows he is winning the album battle with 50 Cent and is so high on his horse that he can't even bother promoting his album."

Confidence is always a key factor when competing in any battle, so I'm not surprised Kanye is cancelling all his public appearances. I did the same thing when I was raising money for cancer at my kissing booth. Sure the sexy young ladies were upset when I replaced myself with a plus size model, but they did get to watch me eat a Twizzler.

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