Lindsay Lohan got off easy

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Earlier today Lindsay Lohan was charged with seven misdemeanors for her two DUI arrests. Luckily for her, she wasn't charged with any felonies, including possession of cocaine, even though it was found in her car and pants. Since there were no felonies, the most time she could spend behind bars is 4 days.

TMZ says: In deciding whether to file felony cocaine charges, the D.A. always looks at the person and the circumstances. In Lohan's case, the fact that she was busted twice in a short period of time actually helped her. It shows someone is struggling with an addiction problem. The fact that each time she was busted, she immediately checked into a rehab facility also helped her case. Also, her age -- 21 -- and the fact that her upbringing was extremely unstable -- also worked in her favor.

Jesus. What the hell does this girl have to do to get in trouble. She could execute a priest and bite the head off of a cute puppy and she would probably get 4 hours of eating cup cakes.

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