Lindsay is better than everyone

Thursday, August 02, 2007

There's a reason Lindsay Lohan is one of the most hated women in Hollywood, and it's probably because she's a huge bitch.

Splash reports: According to a former pal of the party girl, Lindsay "ranted and raved about her talent, claiming 'I'm the greatest actress in the world! No one's even close to me right now!’" And then she proceeded to viciously slam a slew of young actresses, who she considered to be her competition. She said Scarlett Johansson is "ugly, fat, and has no talent." Jessica Simpson "can't sing and is as dumb as (bleep)." Sienna Miller is a "no talent crackhead." Keira Knightly is a "flat, shallow, cardboard cutout of an actress." Jessica Biel is a "phony, scheming joke of an actress."

I'm not sure what talent Lindsay has, but I'm sure it has something to do with swearing or putting on makeup. Or being a whore, if that is a talent. I'll have to ask my boxing coach, because my fists of justice are most certainly a talent, according to him.


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