Jenna Jameson is useless

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Earlier this month, Jenna Jameson (aka super whore) had surgery to have her breast implants removed. If that wasn't stupid enough, she's also quitting porn. She will focus on her upcoming movie, clothing line, modeling and comic book. And she will still run Club Jenna.

Jenna said: “When I had implants, I felt uncomfortable. I would be shy at the beach. I know it sounds funny, but I’d wear high-necked clothes – unless I was at an adult-film convention. So I thought, Why don’t I be who I am and get my real ones back? Even for women with naturally large boobs, getting a reduction is so freeing. I feel like I can stand up straighter…before, when I jogged, I had to hold my boobs. I looked like I was molesting myself! The first thing I did when I got home was open my bra. I wasn’t supposed to but I did. I was so happy, I cried. It was like looking into the mirror when I was 17.”

My father taught me that women should only be used for sexual gratification and cooking, so I'm pretty sure this bitch is worthless now. But she's been treated like a bumper car for most of her life, which is honorable. Maybe.


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