Angelina Jolie wants more black kids

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

While Angelina's relationship with Brad is struggling, she has decided the best way to patch things up is to adopt another child from Ethiopia.

A source said: "Angie in particular feels very strongly that while Shiloh will grow up seeing the family resemblance between herself and her natural parents, and Maddox and Pax will feel a connection through their birthplaces, Zahara has no such close-knit bond. They hope that by finding an Ethiopian brother or sister - preferably sister - for her, it will help Zahara feel more comfortable and happy in her own skin."

Of course Angelina's adopted kids will be jealous of Shiloh. The kid is basically the second coming of Christ. Her hair is made of pure gold, and her vagina has a diamond lining. I also hear her eyes have the desire of a lion. Seriously.


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