Nicole Kidman is a hero

Thursday, July 19, 2007

In a story that I'm sure is a total lie, sources claim Nicole Kidman saved Hugh Jackman from a poisonous scorpion while filming Baz Luhrmann's "Australia."

A source said:"Nicole gasped when Hugh opened the cover invitingly to reveal a poisonous scorpion creeping up his leg. She calmly told him not to move and squatted down, scooped the arachnid into her hat and walked over to the woods and released it." The crew burst into applause, but asked Nicky why she didn't kill it. She responded, "I would never kill an animal. Every creature here has its purpose. This one just didn't belong in Hugh's bag!"

I'm really not impressed by this because I'm always getting awards for my courage and honor. It's just like the time I saved Cup Cake City from the deadly Broccoli Witch. The mayor of Cup Cake City named a street after me. Sure I was flattered, but I don't like the attention.


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