Paris Hilton is free

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

After only serving 23 days in jail, the LA County Sheriffs department released Paris a little after 12am this morning.

TMZ says: The heiress was released from prison shortly after midnight on Tuesday. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Paris lost nearly 10 pounds during her stay, and that on her way out of jail, she stopped to change clothes in a public restroom that "smells rancid." As Paris Hilton made her way out of Lynwood, she shook a few hands and hugged a few deputies before jumping into her parents' waiting SUV. Once inside the car, Paris rolled down the window and waved to the photogs and she couldn't stop smiling! She gushed, "I'm great ... Thank you for your support."

Now maybe we can all move on with our lives. I'm actually shocked this moron didn't try to drive herself home drunk. Seriously, I've seen more brains in a hairdresser. Well.. maybe not.


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