Lindsay Lohan is pissed

Friday, May 11, 2007

Lindsay Lohan and her lawyer are freaking out over the recent cocaine pictures. They believe it was a friend that sold them, and Lohan has been crying non-stop.

IMDB says: A pal tells Life & Style magazine that the 20-year-old was "crying hysterically," adding, "She's convinced that everyone is out to get her." And now her attorney, Mike Heller, has weighed in to the scandal to reprimand friends who he feels must have sold the images to the News of The World. Heller refuses to confirm the shots show Lohan snorting cocaine, stating, "This just goes to show how hard it is to be Lindsay Lohan, who's even denied her privacy in the sacred confines of a ladies'-room stall and then must fend off the slings and arrows of false allegation."

What? That's how hard it is to be Lindsay Lohan? I'm pretty sure brick layers and people that work in coal mines have tuff lives, but not Lohan. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a bed made of $100 bills and a goose that shits out gold eggs.


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