Britney Isn't Wearing Her Bikini

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Britney decided to borrow a bikini from the girls in the above picture after she was denied a hotel room due to having no money on her. She refused to leave and just hung out by the pool with them. Classy.

Us weekly reports:“It was sad,” says a source. “It looked like she really needed a friend.” She got two – at least for a few hours. Around noon, Spears (then in a blonde wig) began chatting up a woman in the bathroom, who offered to loan the pop star a bathing suit. Spears followed her new friend to her hotel room where -- after changing into a borrowed bikini -- she raided the minibar. “She grabbed four or five bottles and just started mixing everything and drinking them.”

I don't know what kind of Jesus juice she she was making by mixing 5 bottles, but it was hopefully a death mix. And it hopefully dissolves her organs within the next 24 hours. And she hopefully gives these poor girls their bikini back. bitch.

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