Anna Nicole Smith Died From Drugs, Shocker

Monday, March 26, 2007

After what seems to be 7 years, the cause of Anna's death has finally come out. Thank you Dr. Perper, even if your name makes you sound like a child molester.

TMZ reports: "Anna did not take methadone the day she died, but there was evidence she had taken it several days earlier. Dr. Perper concluded was combined drug intoxication, including anxiety and depression medication, valium, ativan and antihistamine. She also had chloral hydrate, which was the major component in her death.None of the drugs in Anna's system were enough to kill her by themselves -- it was a lethal combo. The infected abscess in her buttock contributed. Dr. Perper says the death was accidental. It was not a suicide."

So I guess we waited around to find out what everyone already knew. The national enquirer knew this shit before the autopsy was finished. My mother could die and I'd lose interest in the story if it took this long to break.


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