Ryan Phillipe Likes Teenage Girls

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ryan Phillipe (32) has a new girlfriend and she's been identified as 18 year old Nikki Reed, who costarred with Evan Rachel Wood in the movie “Thirteen.” If you've never heard of her, don't feel bad. Nobody else has either.

The reason I posted the dual picture of her is because it shows that this girl is, in fact, an evil shapeshifter. You'll notice that the picture on the right has her looking like a major hot chick, while the picture on the left has her looking like the kind of girl who would send scented love letters and topless photos of herself to inmates in the federal penitentiary. Not that there would be anything wrong with a person who did that. Hypothetically speaking.


Posted by Reese at 2/07/2007  

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