The Oscar Nominees

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Best Picture: Babel, The Departed, Letters From Iwo Jima, Little Miss Sunshine, The Queen.

Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio-Blood Diamond, Ryan Gosling-Half Nelson, Peter O’Toole-Venus,Will Smith,-The Pursuit of Happyness,Forest Whitaker-The Last King of Scotland.

Best Actress:Penelope Cruz-Volver, Judi Dench-Notes on a Scandal, Helen Mirren-The Queen, Meryl Streep-The Devil Wears Prada, Kate Winslet-Little Children.

Best Supporting Actor:Alan Arkin-Little Miss Sunshine, Jackie Earle Haley-Little Children, Dijmon Hinsou-Blood Diamond, Eddie Murphy-Dreamgirls, Mark Wahlberg-The Departed

Best Supporting Actress:Adriana Barraza-Babel, Cate Blanchett-Notes on a Scandal, Abigail Breslin-Little Miss Sunshine, Jennifer Hudson-Dreamgirls, Riko Kikuchi-Babel

All I can say is thank God Dreamgirls didn't get nominated. I never saw it, but I know a gay guy who likes it, and my black friends tell me I'm not down unless I hate gays. Also, I don't know how Meryl Streep got a best actress nod. Until now I wasn't even sure if The Devil Wears Prada was a real movie. And seriously, Jennifer Hudson should really be cleaning bathrooms instead of going to the Oscars.

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